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3D Neuroanatomy Models bring learning to life for Intensive Care nurses

In order to learn new ways to provide evidence-based care, and to have the opportunity to discuss these advancements with peers and senior colleagues, nurses across BSUH NHS Trust set up study days. The study days inform their practice, provide new content, and include training using simulation tools. In the Intensive Care Unit, Emmie Baker-Larner wanted to improve her team’s …

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Kemptown Insider feature piece

In the glow of St George’s Church cafe in Kemptown, Meriel from the Kemptown Insider welcomed BSUH Charity into the Kemptown community. Our meeting with her was warm and kind, and her inquisitive mind asked all about how the BSUH Charity helps make it better in our hospitals. How did BSUH Charity make the cut? Because our office sits in …

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