Community Love for Our #LoveBSUH Valentine’s Campaign

January seemed never-ending and February hasn’t been providing much relief.  We all continue to feel the effects of an extremely challenging 2020, and a tough start to 2021. So here at BSUH Charity, we wanted to launch a feel-good campaign to try and lift the mood of local NHS staff, in whatever small way we could.

We invited the local community to get creative and send us their homemade Valentine’s cards, so we could share them with NHS staff across our four hospitals, in time for Valentine’s Day.

We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of community affection, and have received over 770 cards! These were from children at local schools, community groups, local businesses and individuals. They will be distributed to teams across the Royal Sussex County Hospital, the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, the Sussex Eye Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital from today.

We had some truly touching messages of thanks, positivity and love for our staff, like the one below from schoolgirl Grace:


ost people don’t know how much of an important job being an NHS worker really is, you risk your lives for others to live.

I know having Covid around is rough, but team NHS are very tough!

You should already know that you are perfect in every way, but just something that I would like to say, is happy Valentine’s Day.”

Thank you to everyone who got behind this campaign – it has brought smiles to a lot of faces and reminded staff just how much we all value them.


BSUH Charity

There was no charge for this campaign, but if anyone would like to make a donation to BSUH Charity Covid-19 campaign that would be very welcome. This will help us to look after the long-term wellbeing of NHS staff working to keep us safe during this pandemic.