Artist donates painting to thank staff

A local artist has gifted a wonderful painting for display in the Sussex Kidney Unit as a way of thanking staff there.

Painter Andrew Fitchett donated a kidney to his son in 2018 after he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and needed a transplant. Andrew says it was a frightening time for the family:

“Finding out Tom had kidney disease and needed a transplant was a shocking and frightening time for the whole family.”

Painting doubles as thank you card

‘Cuckmere Haven’ by Andrew Fitchett

The artist is full of praise for BSUH staff,

“The complicated business of managing Tom’s condition and my assessment for suitability as a donor was always carried out with great care, professionalism and consideration by everyone we came into contact with at the renal unit.

“We really feel that we have the support of a truly remarkable group of people at every level and it has a very positive impact on the way we deal with our new reality.

“I wanted to donate the painting as a big ‘thank you’ card to everyone who works at the renal unit and as an interesting distraction for people in the waiting room.”

Onward Arts

BSUH’s permanent arts programme Onward Arts, receives funding from donations to BSUH Charity. It arranged for the painting “Cuckmere Haven” to be hung so that staff and patients can enjoy it.

Erin Burns from Onward Arts says,

Andrew and Tom join BSUH staff at renal unit

“It is a real treat when we receive an artistic donation, especially one by such a talented artist as Andrew Fitchett.

“Andrew’s piece, Cuckmere Haven, is a wonderful example of how important draughtsmanship and detail are to this artist. Andrew begins with pencil sketches on location. He then works from the drawings and memory back in his studio.

“He is interested in not solely documenting the specific terrain but more the stillness and isolation of each location. His work is a wonderful addition to Onward Art’s growing collection of Sussex-based artists.”

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