Making a difference for chemotherapy patients

New equipment bought thanks to donations to BSUH Charity is benefiting chemotherapy patients at the Sussex Cancer Centre by helping prevent hair loss.

Hair loss from cancer treatment can affect people in different ways. Some treatments cause only partial hair loss or thinning, while others cause people to lose hair from all over their body.

Many people find losing their hair distressing and this is where the new scalp cooling systems can make a difference.

Upgrade to latest cold cap machines

A cold cap is a hat that is worn during some chemotherapy treatments. Cold caps and scalp cooling systems work by narrowing the blood vessels beneath the skin of the scalp.

This reduces the amount of chemotherapy medicine that reaches the hair follicles and that means the hair may be less likely to fall out.

An investment for patients’ benefit

At the end of last year, more than £46,000 was spent on the new scalp cooling systems for the Sussex Cancer Centre. Chemotherapy manager Emma Hartwell says patients are very happy,

“These new machines, patients really love them. They’re much more comfortable, they are more lightweight and more efficient, so they’re really appreciated.

“It improves their confidence when undergoing chemo.”

Emma Hartwell sits by one of the new machines

Your help makes a difference

BSUH Charity’s vision is to improve the experience of every patient at BSUH Trust.

We make sure patients get the very best from your donation by working closely with frontline clinical staff who guide purchases made by the Charity, such as the cooling cap system.

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