BSUH eye specialists thank Charity supporters

A happy patient with laser

At the end of last year, two new pieces of equipment were delivered to Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust thanks to the generosity of BSUH Charity supporters. Both are already making a difference for eye patients.

The first is a laser, which has been installed for use at eye clinics held at the Princess Royal Hospital.

Laser helps reduce inconvenience

The new laser is helping eliminate the need for some eye patients to have to travel to the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton for treatment. Patients like Robert who lives nearby in Haywards Heath,

“It has made all the difference for me. It saved me around three hours not having to go down to Brighton and I got the consultant’s immediate attention.”

Modern kit for orthoptics

The second piece of new equipment is the wonderfully named synoptophore. It’s not a dinosaur, but a great piece of kit used for measuring the drift in someone’s eyes, (commonly called a squint). The synoptophore helps record the amount the eye drifts in or out, or up or down.

Joy White admires the new kit

Joy White is Head of Orthoptics at the Sussex Eye Hospital. She is delighted with the new kit. It is an upgrade on the previous one used by her team.

She says the new synoptophore provides insight that helps with planning patient management,

“One of its great things is that it can decide if somebody’s got the ability to use both eyes together as a pair. If you find that somebody has got a strabismus – got a turn in their eye, then you can put them on this machine.

“It allows us to see whether, if they were to have surgery, we could get them back to using both eyes together as a pair.”

Supporters generosity really helping

Eye consultant Amanda Lewis says the team is really grateful to supporters who donate to BSUH Charity’s Sussex Eye Hospital fund and that all donations are put to good use;

Amanda Lewis

“Ophthalmology is a very equipment driven specialty, so we have a lot of quite expensive equipment that we need to buy on a regular basis.

“We always welcome any donations that people can give because it does make a big difference.”

You can donate online to the Sussex Eye Hospital

Or find out other ways to donate.

If you are making a donation or sending in a cheque for Sussex Eye Hospital please quote fund number 0082000