Working together for patients

State of the art video equipment paid for by donations to BSUH Charity is helping deliver quality service and care for cancer patients.

Specialists need to link up at key decision making points during a cancer patient’s treatment. This involves multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings, with various clinicians hosted across a video-conference.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters, new video conference equipment, along with meeting room tables and chairs, were recently installed at the Sussex Cancer Centre.

Big screen makes big difference

Technology had moved on significantly from when the previous conferencing equipment was installed and around £40,000 was spent on the upgrade.

Staff are delighted with the immediate benefits. Karen Patterson, is the cancer Patient Pathway Team Leader,

“It’s much higher quality imaging, which is more effective and quicker. I think this new equipment is going to make a huge difference. It gives us state of the art 4D screens and the quality of the imaging the consultant can see is so sharp and so crisp.”

Better for the patient better for the team

The Sussex Cancer Centre is the specialist treatment centre for East Sussex, providing care for patients from as far away as Hastings and Littlehampton. MDT meetings can involve anything from 10 to 25 people making a decision on the next treatment plan for a patient.

“It’s the whole team that is involved with the patient care that will be in here looking at the scans,” says Karen. “Consultant surgeons, oncologists, cancer nurse specialists, histologists, radiologists and their junior teams along with others such as speech and language therapists.”

Smoothing the pathway

newly refurbed MDT conference room in use

The system allows the team in Brighton to link up with specialist centres and everyone can see the same images at the same time which supports clinical decision making.

Emma Rayner-Klassen is also a Patient Pathway Co-ordinator. She agrees that the new kit is making things easier for staff and that is good for patients.

“Before we had to prioritise what image we chose to show the team, or we would keep jumping between things. Now we have the ability to always have two or three things on the screens.

“We can pull everything together and give everybody in the room the ability to review the results collectively. You can pretty much have a consultant to consultant conversation in the room.”

Thank you for your support

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated to make a difference to the experience of cancer patients at BSUH.

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