Eye patients see benefit of new kit

The portable slit lamp

Staff at the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton have recently taken delivery of a portable slit lamp for use by the team at Pickford Ward and the Eye Hospital’s A&E department.

It provides a magnified view of the eye structures enabling anatomical diagnoses to be made for a variety of eye conditions.

The new portable kit is making a real difference. Until now, with the normal slit lamp, patients had to be in an examination chair. That meant they needed to make their way to the Eye Hospital or be helped there by hospital staff.

That could be difficult for patients with mobility issues. Now the same examination can be done with the portable slit lamp bought thanks to donations to BSUH Charity.

Less stress for patients

Rama holds the portable lamp slit lamp whilst sitting by the full size version

Nurse manager Rama Veemarajan says the impact has been immediate,

“It has made a huge difference. There are lot of patients here using wheelchairs. It is difficult for them to move into an examination chair, so this portable kit is absolutely fantastic. It’s less stressful for the patient and less stressful for the eye examiner as well.

“With the portable lamp it is really quite easy to examine the patient at the bedside over at the County Hospital. The doctor can take it over and see the patients on the ward rather to the Eye Hospital.”

A heartfelt thanks

The new portable slit lamp cost around £5,000. Rama is keen to thank those who made the purchase possible,

“This is really very useful for the department. It’s quite fantastic for the patients, so thank you so much for the support, for the money you have given to buy this equipment.

“I really appreciate it.We see between two and three hundred patients a day in the Eye Hospital,  so this will make a huge difference to the department.”

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