Creating patient friendly environments

Everyone likes to take their mind off things sometimes and BSUH patients are no different. Here’s a couple of examples of how charitable donations are helping provide a much appreciated distraction.

Radios for renal patients

The team at Buckfield Home Dialysis Unit recently used charitable funds to buy a couple of new radios. Beverley Worley who is a sister at the unit explains why:

“Some patients have to sit here all day. If they do want some music, now we can offer them something to listen to.

“Sometimes they have to come in for tests and treatments that last up to five hours. It just helps to break up the day really.”

Coffee table ‘glossies’ for breast care patients

The team at BSUH’s Park Centre for Breast Care regularly use charitable funds to buy glossy magazines for patients to peruse. The magazines help to pass the time for people sat in the waiting areas at Preston Park.

Lisa Thomas-Brooks, the Breast Care Nurse Team Leader says:

“The patients can have to wait a long time in clinic and are anxious and stressed. It’s nice to have something to take their mind of the appointment.
“We have patients who say, ‘I love coming here, because you have posh magazines!’ It’s something that we can do that’s really nice.”

Small things can make a big difference

More proof that small things can make a difference. Thanks to everyone of our supporters who help make these kind of purchases possible and help create more patient friendly environments.

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