Patients enjoy a warmer stay after eye surgery

Thanks to the generous contributions of community members to the Sussex Eye Hospital’s Charitable Fund and the trusty research of the team in theatres, patients are now wrapped in warm blankets after undergoing their operations.

The idea came to light when theatre staff noticed that patients were uncomfortable after operations. The Sussex Eye Hospital can be such a cold building, and staff found that patients in the recovery room seemed to be affected by the cold the most. To resolve this, Tanya, Theatre Secretary, researched and proposed purchasing a blanket warmer with the capability to safely and evenly warm 10-12 blankets at a time.

The warmer is small enough to sit on a countertop, is quiet and has no moving parts. Since the machine is fan-less and emits relaxing, blue lights, the equipment helps nurses and aides emphasise the comfort and care of patients.  Most importantly, the warm blankets ensure continuity of warmth from when patients leave operating theatres and are transferred to recover on Pickford Ward.

Phil Harris, Clinical Theatre Manager, said of the blankets, “The blankets are a really nice thing to have for patients. Just the other week, we placed a warmed blanket on a patient in recovery who immediately smiled and said, “Ooooh….that feels nice!”

The blankets have also comforted patients before their operation. Tina, theatre nurse shared that  a patient was nervous prior to undergoing her operation and the blanket helped to calm her down.

Comforts like this are only possible thanks to the generosity of people that donate to the Sussex Eye Hospital. If you’d like to give to help eye care in Sussex, you can make a donation here: