Here at BSUH, staff go the extra mile to help patients

Josh, a BSUH NHS Trust staff member who worked within imaging and nuclear medicine, decided to run the 2018 Brighton Half Marathon for the BSUH Charity. Anyone who runs for the charity can designate their support to one of our 250 funds. After careful thought, Josh decided to raise money for the Lawson Unit because he thought they provided such a good service for the community.

After making this decision, Josh got in touch with the consultant nurse for the Lawson Unit, Eileen, and asked if there was anything in particular the Unit needed. In general, the BSUH Charity will fund equipment, training, and other upgrades that are over and above what is provided through core government funding. Through a wonderful collaboration, Josh and Eileen decided that the funds Josh would raise through his sponsorships would go towards funding stereos in key areas within the Unit, with the remainder of the donation going towards supporting people living with HIV to access treatment and care.

During his training for the event, Josh said, “I’m so glad that I can give something to help the staff and patients of the Lawson Unit. I know whatever sponsorships I get will be used to make the experience of the Unit a little bit better for patients.”

In the end, Josh raised £157.00 in sponsorships, which was used to purchase the stereos. Upon receiving the stereos, Eileen said, “It was so thoughtful of Josh to raise money for our patients. With his sponsorships, we were able to buy 3 stereos. They provide background noise in key areas within the Lawson Unit which is important for a few reasons: it provides a calming environment for patients and staff, it protects patient confidentiality, and it provides a more private space for patients to have conversations in reception and shared nursing areas. Thank you, Josh!”

Inspired by seeing his fundraising make a direct impact on patient experience, Josh has signed up to run the Brighton Half Marathon for The BSUH Charity again in 2019! We are thrilled to support his fundraising once more and hope to have many more stories like this to tell. If you’d like to join Josh on team BSUH Charity, please get in touch (01273 665102 or