Customised rehabilitation now possible in the Stroke Unit

Patients recovering from a stroke now have access to a fully customized rehabilitation regimen. Thanks to generous donations to the charitable funds for the Donald Hall and Solomon wards, a plethora of equipment has been purchased to fully stock the rehabilitation gym.

Stock for the rehab gym includes exercise balls of different sizes, exercise bands of different tensions, multiple weighted balls, finger boards, and Styrofoam rollers. Each piece of equipment can be used to customise a physical therapy plan for patients. Steve said of the new equipment, “Equipment like this is great because it’s the smaller, incremental changes that really makes a difference in treatment. When patients like Earnest move from one weight to the next heaviest, they see how their efforts result in improved movement. This helps motivate and encourage our patients, and gives them reassurance of their strength for when they are discharged.”

In just over a week, Earnest has been able to significantly improve his mobility thanks to sessions in the gym. He’s increased the number of exercises he can do, which is especially important when using the Styrofoam roller. The exercise Earnest is shown using here helps patients regain their ability to stand after experiencing a stroke. If someone cannot hold their leg at a straight angle, then they are not strong enough to stand on the leg. Using the Styrofoam roller and tension bands allows for individuals in recovery to gain the confidence they need to stand on their own and rebuild their ability to move around freely.

Donations to the BSUH Charity help patients like Earnest every day. You can support the charity by donating or fundraising today. Contact us at or 01273 665102 or donate online at