Patients are now more connected with nurses


With donations to the BSUH Charity, new armbands have recently been introduced throughout Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust to further improve patient experience. Staff now wear distinctive red identifiers on their arms labelled ‘Nurse in Charge’ or ‘Midwife in Charge’, to indicate the lead nurse or midwife at any given time.

Thanks to community support, BSUH Charity was able to answer patient requests. Feedback on the wards revealed that patients and visitors were concerned that it was unclear who the senior nurse was during their stay in hospital. Knowing who the senior nurse and midwife are provides comfort, reassurance and connection for patients. This connection is critical to improving patient care, and relieving the stress and anxiety of being in hospital.

Interim Chief Nurse Helen O’Dell said of the arm bands: “These will be handed over like a baton from one member of staff to another at the end of a shift or before going on a break. This way, for fellow staff, patients and visitors, it will be crystal clear who is in charge at all times.”

The initiative has already enhanced care and service delivery for patients, and would not be possible without support to the BSUH Charity. Thank you to all of our generous supporters.  Helen said: “I am very grateful for this support and pleased to see that the bands are already making an impact.”