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Teaching Service

What we do

The Hospital Teaching Service is part of Brighton and Hove City Council’s educational services and is organised from the Schoolroom on Level 8 of the Alex.  The service is supported by two part time teachers who provide lessons, educational activities and learning resources from across the National Curriculum.  Teachers are available half days during school terms.

The aim of the teaching service is to provide educational opportunities for children and young people who are hospitalised and unable to attend school in order to:

  • Stimulate and maintain an interest in learning
  • Provide continuity of education
  • Restore the process of learning
  • Aid recuperation
  • Support the emotional and psychological well-being of all patients.

Teachers do a ward round at the beginning of each teaching session to assess which pupils are well enough to receive educational input.  Medical staff may refer certain pupils if they think they would benefit from the teaching service. Parents can request support through their child’s nurse.

What to expect

Teachers prioritise long-term patients and regular returners.  Teaching is usually carried out in the Schoolroom.  Resources can be taken to a patient’s bedside if they are unable to leave their ward.  While the children can be provided with learning opportunities across the curriculum, at KS1 and KS2, the teachers focus on literacy and numeracy.  At higher key stages, the teachers will, where appropriate, contact the patient’s school or college to discuss options and obtain coursework to enable learning to continue at the correct level whilst he/she is in hospital.

Children and young people can use the Schoolroom to access the internet via a secure school network.  Patients can access their own school or college website to check on homework tasks and revision programmes.

Teachers will work with schools and colleges if pupils are in hospital during important exam periods.  Exams can be taken at the Alex if the pupils are well enough and if there has been sufficient time to organise secure transport of examination papers.


Schoolroom, Level 8, Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital


Telephone: 01273 696955 extn. 62561

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