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Respiratory Medicine and Allergies

What we do

We offer expertise in the diagnosis, care and ongoing management of a diverse range of childhood respiratory diseases and allergies.

We provide inpatient care to children with acute and complex respiratory problems and a consulting service for respiratory problems in general paediatric, neonatal and surgical patients.

We also offer specialist outpatient services, including:

  • Allergy: a one-stop allergy clinic which is run by a Consultant Paediatrician, Specialist Paediatric Nurse and Specialist Paediatric Dietician. The clinic involves thorough history taking and assessment, clinical advice and where appropriate skin prick allergy testing, anaphylaxis management and dietetic advice on food avoidance, weaning and food reintroduction. Food challenges if appropriate can be arranged from this clinic.
  •  Asthma: a diagnostic and management service including lung function testing for children with asthma and related respiratory conditions. Clinics are run by Consultant Respiratory Paediatricians or Specialist Paediatric Respiratory Nurses. More complex lung function testing and exercise challenges can be arranged from this clinic if indicated. Children with asthma and other respiratory conditions are also reviewed as in-patients.
  • Broncho-pulmonary Dysplasia: the service provides medical, nursing, speech therapy and dietician input to the treatment of infants with oxygen dependent chronic lung disease.
  • Non-invasive ventilation: care and support for children who require respiratory support at home.
  • A bronchoscopy service receives referrals from across Sussex. Bronchoscopies are carried out by Professor Seddon, Dr Kapur and Dr Ruffles.

We also offer a private respiratory and allergy service.


Respiratory Care Department, Level 4, Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital


Consultant Paediatricians: Professor Seddon, Professor Mukhopadhyay, Dr Kapur, Dr Chetty, Dr Ruffles (Via Respiratory secretary -01273 696955 ext 62320/ 62321).

Specialist Nurses: Edwina Wooler, Jason Lenton, Cathy Warde, Carolynn Lorimer 01273 696955 ext 63127/ 62518/ 62519/ 62541.

Specialist Dietician: Katie Clark 01273 523156.

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