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Private Patient Services

Services we provide for private patients

A range of services for children and young people are available at the Alex on a private basis. These include:

How to get a private appointment

You should mention to your GP or other practitioner that you would like your child to be seen privately by one of the consultants or practitioners at the Alex. Your GP will then write a referral to one of our doctors or practitioners who specialises in your child’s condition or illness and the hospital will then make contact with you by telephone to make an appointment.

How much will it cost?

The consultant or practitioner who your GP refers your child to will be able to give you a guide to the cost of the outpatient review or treatment. This may alter during the course of your treatment or procedure if any changes are required to your child’s planned care.

Self Funding

If you are funding the cost of your child’s treatment you will be required to pay the estimated cost before you have your treatment or procedure and should the final cost be less that this you will be reimbursed.

Private Healthcare Insurance

You should contact your private healthcare provider before you pursue private treatment to ensure that your policy covers private care for your child. Prior to your child receiving treatment you will need to provide an authorisation code that your healthcare insurer will provide as well as your insurance details.

Whether your private healthcare insurer or you are paying for your child’s treatment, it is your responsibility to ensure your account is paid in full.

What happens next?

Once you and your consultant have agreed your private treatment plan including planned treatment or procedure dates you will be required to either pay the planned amount or provide an authorisation code from your private healthcare insurer.

Prior to your arrival at the Alex you will be required to sign a form that indicates your child’s planned treatment or procedure and is your agreement to ensure the costs are covered.

Further information and contact

If you require further information, please speak to your child’s consultant, private healthcare insurer or contact the Patient Access Manager at the Alex on 01273 696955 ext 64091.

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