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What we do

Our children’s eye service treats children with conditions that affect vision and the eyes. The most common conditions that affect children are refractive errors, amblyopia or lazy eye and squint. Children with eye conditions caused by premature birth or genetic eye disease are also seen including cataract, glaucoma and ocular malformations. Chronic conjunctivitis due to congenital blockage of the tear ducts is a common problem which we can treat.

The children’s eye department is based in the Orthoptic department of the Sussex Eye Hospital on the ground floor, where the majority of children are seen. Children are also seen in the Ophthalmology A&E on the lower ground floor of the Sussex Eye Hospital. Occasionally, children are referred to ophthalmologists who specialise in corneal problems, glaucoma, orbit and uveitis and are seen in clinics on the lower ground floor where there is specialist equipment.

What to expect

The clinical team is made up of Orthoptists, Ophthalmic Opticians and Ophthalmologists who specialise in children’s eye problems. There may also be medical students, trainee Orthoptists and trainee Ophthalmologists present at your child’s appointment.

Premature babies on the Trevor Mann baby unit are examined for Retinopathy of Prematurity ( RoP) weekly. Laser surgery for RoP and surgery for eye conditions such as blocked tear ducts, squint and orbital cysts are performed at the Alex. Children are also seen at the Princess Royal Hospital at Haywards Heath.

Further Information

Useful information can be found on the following websites:


Ground floor Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton


Telephone: 01273 664872

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