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What we do

Our specialist paediatric audiology service provides assessment and habilitation for both hearing and balance in children and young people of all ages from newborn to 17 years. When necessary we will provide and support digital hearing aids of all varieties including those requiring surgical implantation.

We liaise closely with other professionals to best support the families of babies and children under our care. This multi-disciplinary approach encompasses paediatrics, neonatology, ENT, neurology, oncology, auditory implant services, speech and language therapy, sensory needs services, social care services and voluntary organisations.

Hearing therapists provide additional support, communication tactics, equipment advice and tinnitus retraining to children and coordinate our young adult’s transition to adult services.

What to expect

In most cases your child will be seen by two specialist paediatric audiologists and the appointment will last from 1-2 hours depending on the age and the type of test they require.

There are several testing techniques which can be used to assess how a child is hearing. Which test is used will usually depend on the child’s developmental age and sometimes whether they are awake or asleep.

Parents/carers will typically be given the results at the end of the appointment together with an individualised management plan for ongoing support.


Level 2F, Barry Building, Royal Sussex County Hospital

We are also able to offer appointments for children over 6 years old (if deemed appropriate) at the following sites:


Telephone: 01273 664809

Minicom: 01273 697102

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