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We have first class paediatric research team based at the Alex and conduct cutting edge research across various paediatric specialities.

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About our paediatric research

Paediatric research is conducted at the Alex and is supported by a team of research nurses, research Fellows, NHS consultants, clinical academics and various support staff.

We are research-active across several paediatric specialities, and examples of some of our on-going projects are:

  • The optimal treatment of high blood pressure in children with kidney problems.
  • The PANTS study – Personalized Anti-TNF Therapy in Crohn’s Disease
  • Preventative medical treatment for children deemed at risk of developing diabetes.

The children’s hospital emergency department is also involved in a number of the research studies, which is imperative when offering acute treatments for a number of different conditions.

Paeditrician consultants, Professor Mukhopadhyay and Dr Paul Seddon, have a particular interest in paediatric respiratory research, and run several studies exploring the physiological and sociological impact of having multiple allergies.

Leading paediatric researchers at the Alex

  • Prof Somnath Mukhopadhyay – chair in paediatrics. specialising in asthma, allergy, genomics, and personalised treatment
  • Dr Katy Fidler – specialising in infectious diseases and immunology
  • Dr Heike Rabe – specialising in neonatal research
  • Dr Ramon Fernandez – specialising in neonatal respiratory, support, nutrition, point-of-care sonography

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