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Douglas Chamberlain

Professor Douglas Chamberlain CBE, Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Sussex County Hospital, 1970 – 2004


"We had a consultants dining room. It was at the end of the long corridor in the old building. Now it became politically incorrect just to have a consultants dining room. That was too elitist. So they had decided to close the consultants dining room, quite a big area, there were kitchens attached and so on. […] That was in a way quite bad, because consultants dining rooms, often you exchange medical problems and learned things that were very beneficial, so we did lose something from losing that dining room. Anyway, by this time, I'm not sure that I want to incriminate him but I […] did have a colleague now, he'd just arrived and we decided that there was a big empty space that was going to be the new pharmacy. So it's very bad I'm afraid. One night, during the night we started work at eleven o'clock at night. We took the lock off the door, we removed a lot of the structure inside, my colleague had already prepared various panels and he'd also prepared a thing that said Department of Cardiology. That was put, with a new lock, on the door, and when the hospital managers came in the following morning, they found that there was a Department of Cardiology. We had two offices. I had an office with hardboard making up the walls, we had three examination couches with partitions and there was a place for the cardiographers and so on and we finished that all during the night, before people came into work at half past eight in the morning. And there was a god-almighty row, however, it remained the cardio- department and is the cardio-department to this very day."