Emergency Department (A&E) redevelopment

There are major changes happening in A&E at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. The department is being redesigned and rebuilt to improve the environment and treatment for patients.

Main Entrance and Urgent Care Centre
The main entrance and waiting areas are being completely refurbished. The Urgent Care Centre is being redeveloped to make more treatment spaces available and to make it easier for staff to deliver the care that patients need.
Progress: The first element of these works is nearly finished. There are two more elements to complete on this part of the A&E redevelopment.

New Ambulatory Care Centre
An area next to the existing A&E is being turned into a new Ambulatory Care Unit. This is a unit for patients who need hospital treatment but do not need to be admitted to hospital. The Ambulatory Care Unit will give these patients the benefits of both hospital treatment, over several days in needs be, and of staying in their own home. Research shows that patients are better off at home if they fit to stay there between treatments.
Progress:Work is just starting on this project.

New Short Stay Wards
A £30 million extension of the A&E building will provide 70 short stay beds for patients. The new facility, which will stand on columns above the A&E drop off area, will be for patients who cannot go home but do not need to be in hospital for long. The new wards will help reduce pressure on other departments in the hospital. They will make it easier to get patients who need specialist care to the right bed as quickly as possible.
Progress:The plans are being reviewed by Brighton and Hove City Council. If planning permission is granted work will start in the autumn.

More information about the expansion of the A&E building can be found here.