Emergency Department (A&E) redevelopment

There are major changes happening in A&E at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. The department is being redesigned and rebuilt to improve the environment and treatment for patients.

Main entrance and Urgent Care Centre 
The main entrance and waiting areas have been completely refurbished. A new Urgent Care Centre has been opened. It has more treatment spaces and makes it easier for staff to deliver the care that patients need.

New Ambulatory Care Centre 
A new Ambulatory Care Unit has opened in the Emergency Department. It cares for patients who need hospital treatment but do not need to be admitted to hospital. The Ambulatory Care Unit will give these patients the benefits of both hospital treatment, over several days if needs be, and of staying in their own home. Research shows that patients are better off at home if they fit to stay there between treatments.

 More inpatient beds
A number of improvements are being made across both the Royal Sussex County Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital to make more beds available for patients. This will make it easier to get those who need to be admitted onto the right ward, first time. The extra beds will improve the flow of patients through A&E and help improve patients’ experience when they attend the Emergency Department.