3Ts Augmented Reality

See the 3Ts Redevelopment in 3D


The 3Ts new augmented reality app lets you see 3D floor plans of the redevelopment's first new building. All you need is the app and a floor plan that can be either printed or displayed on a screen. Floor plans can be downloaded from the app or from the links below.

How do I use the app?

1) Go to your usual app download facility (e.g. Apple's App Store or Google Play) and search for '3Ts'. The app is called 'Brighton 3Ts AR' and will appear at the top of the list (as shown in the image opposite).

2) Download the app and open it. You have to give the app permission to access your phone or tablet's camera.

3) Save and print the floor plan you want to view. The app will also work if the floor plan is dispayed on a screen. For ease of use you can get the floor plans from the links below.

4) Download the 3D model of the floor plan you want to view.

5) Press play

6) Hold your phone or tablet over the plan and enjoy!


Get the floor plans here

Below you can download the AR enabled floor plans for each level of the Stage 1 Building, from 1 to 11.

If you have any queries about the app or would like to let us know about your experience of using it please email:  hospital.redevelopment@nhs.net