The 3Ts hospital redevelopment

This is where we are going…

And this is where we have got to so far…

Picture 1: The Stage 1 Building seen from above.

Picture 2: The Stage 1 Building seen from Eastern Road, the front of the hospital site.

Picture 3: The helideck on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower

Stage 1  Building (updated 19th September 2018)

Pictures 1 and 2 show the Stage 1 Building construction site from above and from the front of the hospital site. This is the first, and the larger, of the two new buildings being provided by the redevelopment. It will be complete at the very end of 2020 and will offer state-of the art healthcare facilities for the patients of more than 30 wards and departments.

We have just passed the half way mark of the construction programme for the building. The building’s framework is up to level 7, there will be 12 levels in all. Although the framework is still going up, the works to fit out the interior of the building have already started in the two basement levels.

Looking at picture 1 it is possible to see some of the internal structural columns that will support the next level of the building. The concrete walls at the bottom of the picture are one of the stair and lift cores that will run from the ground floor to the top of the building. The south west corner of the building (top right of the picture) is lower than other areas because special steel beams are being put in to help support a platform or plinth at level 3, above the hosptial’s new main entrance.

Picture 2 shows the new builidng from the front of the hospital site. The new main entrance will be under a plinth supported by the circular columns on the left of the picture. The outpatient and day patient units moving into the new building will be based on the lower floors, making it easier for patients to reach them. The wards, which will be made up of a combination of single ensuite rooms and four bedded bays, will be on the upper floors. Work is underway on the first of the main ward floors, level 7, which will be the new home for Critical Care Services. The building will have 14 lifts to make moving between floors easy and will connect to the Thomas Kemp Tower (at the back of the picture 2) on levels 1, 5, 6 and 7.

The Helideck (updated 19th September 2018)

The helideck is on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower, the highest building in the hospital. As shown in picture 3, the surface of the helideck is nearing completion. The final works are being done to the built in fire fighting system, that was funded by the HELP Appeal charity. The helideck will have a dedicated lift that is being built on the side of the  Thomas Kemp Tower. The framework for it is on the south facce of the tower block, facing towards Eastern Road. Work to clad the liftshaft, making it part of the building, will begin in October. An existing lift will also be extended onto the roof of the tower block to act as a back up to the main helideck lift. The helideck will come into operation early in 2019.

Over the next three months:
Stage 1: The framework for the next four floors will be completed.

Stage 1: Fitting out works will start on the lower levels.

Stage 1: More of the external cladding for the will be put in place.

Helideck: The helideck lift will be clad.

Helideck: The first trial landings will take place.

Stage 1, looking east along Eastern Road and showing the hospital’s new main entrance.

Stage 1, looking west along Eastern Road, showing the helideck on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower.