The 3Ts hospital redevelopment

This is where we are going…

And this is where we have got to so far…

Updated 2nd July 2020

This is the front of the Stage 1 Building seen from the opposite side of the road. The outside of the building is very near to completion and its appearance won’t change much now. There are still two cranes on site which will be taken down later in the summer.

The structure of the helideck on the roof of the Thomas Kemp Tower is complete. The helideck will be served by two lifts. One of them is operational and the other will be completed shortly. The helideck will come into use once the works are complete and it receives operational approval from the Civil Aviation Authority. Having the helideck on site will allow air ambulances to land in the centre of the hospital rather than in East Brighton Park as they do at the moment. This will make all the difference for our most severely injured and unwell patients.

Stage 1 is the first of the three stages of the 3Ts Redevelopment. It occupies the south east quarter of the hospital site. Once it is complete all the services in the Barry Building and its extensions will move into Stage 1. This will free up the south west quarter of the hospital site for Stage 2 of the redevelopment. The Stage 2 Building will be five storeys high, compared to the eleven storeys of Stage 1. It will accommodate a range of services including significantly expanded inpatient and outpatient cancer facilities. The whole of building’s roof will be an accessible garden.

Stage 3 will replace the old Cancer Centre with a much needed service yard and will make it much easier to manage the hospital’s complex logistic requirements.

In all, the 3Ts Redevelopment will improve the care environment for the patients and staff of more than forty wards and departments. In many cases it will replace old and outdated accommodation with cutting edge, 21st century care facilities. The upper floors of Stage 1 will play host to a range of wards, many of which will have come from the Barry Building, the oldest acute ward block in the NHS. These wards will have five times as much space per bed when they move.

The redevelopment will improve the front half of the hospital beyond recognition; moving it from the 19th to the 20th century in a decade

Stage 1, looking east along Eastern Road and showing the hospital’s new main entrance.

Stage 1, looking west along Eastern Road, showing the helideck on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower.