The 3Ts hospital redevelopment

This is where we are going…

And this is where we have got to so far…

Updated 5th March 2019

This is the construction site for the Stage 1 Building seen from the opposite side of the , that will open in the winter of 2020/21. It is the larger of the two new buildings the redevelopment will provide. Eastern Road, the main road past the front of the hospital, is at the top of the picture.

The excavation work are complete and the foundation slab, which will house the building’s plant rooms, is in place. The upper basement floor, which will be used for car parking, is 50% complete. There are now three tower cranes working on this building and the fourth will arrive early in April.

Looking carefully at the picture it is possible to see some of the internal structural columns that will support the the ground floor of the building. It is also possible to spot some of the building’s lift cores toward the bottom of the picture.

Over the next three months:
The upper basement floor will be completed
The retaining walls around the edge of the site will have a smooth concrete finish applied.
The fourth tower crane will arrive.
The slab for the ground floor will start to be poured.

Stage 1, looking east along Eastern Road and showing the hospital’s new main entrance.

Stage 1, looking west along Eastern Road, showing the helideck on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower.