The 3Ts hospital redevelopment

This is where we are going…

And this is where we have got to so far…

Updated 12th January 2021

Stage 1 Building

The Stage 1 Building stands on the south east quarter of the Royal Sussex County Hospital site. It is the first of the two new buildings that the 3Ts Redevelopment will provide.

Work on the exterior of the building is almost complete. The building is weather tight on all its levels. This allows the internal fit-out of the building to take place across all 13 floors (two basement levels and 11 floors above ground).

The internal fit-out involves installing everything that makes the building work, from internal walls and doors to electrical cables and pipes for water or medical gases. It is a complex process, and is one of the longest parts of the construction programme.

Different floors in the building need different amounts of work. For instance level 4, where the Imaging Deparmtent will be located, has to support the use of MRI and CT scanners and X-ray machines. These have complex requirements, so the fit out of level 4 started earlier than most of the other floors in the building.

The exterior of the building will not change much from now on, but inside it is a hive of activity. Over 500 operatives are working each day to get the building ready for use. There is still a long way to go, but each day takes us closer to the goal of moving patients and services into this brand new building.


The helideck has been built on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower in the middle of the hospital site. It will allow the most severely injured and unwell patients to be brought directly to the hospital by air ambulance. Currently it has to land in East Brighton Park and patients are transferred by road ambulance to the hospital.

The structure of the helideck is complete and has been signed off by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Key work is still being carried out on the outside of the Thomas Kemp Tower where a new lift has been added to the building and on the exhaust flues that run up the side of the building from the hospital’s Energy Centre.

Once these two pieces of work are complete the helideck will be handed over to the hospital. The deck will then be commissioned and the CAA will be asked to approve it for operational use. This process will include a number of trial landings on the deck.

We expect to see the helideck come into use before the end of the year.

Stage 1, looking east along Eastern Road and showing the hospital’s new main entrance.

Stage 1, looking west along Eastern Road, showing the helideck on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower.