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Leaflet titleAuthor departmentDescription
24 hour urine collections: Brighton and Sussex PathologyClinical Biochemistry and ImmunologyThe doctor has asked for this test to help determine your treatment. Current
A brain check: explaining a neuropsychological assessmentNeurological CentreWhy do I need this check-up? A number of things can affect brain function. You may have had a head injury, a stroke, a viral infection, a tumour, epilepsy, or some other illness or condition...
A guide to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - PIDBritish Association for Sexual Health & HIVA guide to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease produced by the British Association for Sexual Health & HIV. Current.
Abdominal hysterectomyGynaecologyAn abdominal hysterectomy is an operation performed under general anaesthetic to remove the womb (uterus). Current.
About your 13 carbon urea breath testEndoscopy UnitYou have been referred to hospital for a carbon urea breath test. This booklet explains what will happen to you when you attend for your appointment. Current
About your colonoscopy examinationEndoscopy UnitColonoscopy is a simple examination to view the inside of the colon (large bowel). Current
About your ERCP examinationEndoscopy UnitERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography) is a procedure which enables the endoscopist to examine the bile duct and / or pancreas. Current
About your flexible sigmoidoscopy examinationEndocsopy UnitThis is a simple examination which enables the endoscopist to view the inside of your large bowel. Current
About your gastroscopy examinationEndoscopy UnitThis is a simple examination which enables the endoscopist to view the inside of your stomach and duodenum (small bowel). Current
Abscess pathwaySurgical Admisisons UnitAn abscess requires a day case operation under a general anaesthetic to drain the infection. Current


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