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Brief Overview

The Digestive Diseases Centre consists of a 58 bedded ward, with 11beds being allocated to short stay patients and the other 47 to a combination of Medical Gastroenterology  and GI surgery. The ward is situated on Level 9a in the Millennium Wing.

There is an Outpatient Department and a four roomed Endoscopy Suite at RSCH, on Level 9 of the Thomas Kemp Tower. Access is via Level 9a Millennium Wing.

There is one Endoscopy room at The Princess Royal Hospital and some outpatient activity.


Contact details

Main contact for this page is Patsy Huckle patsy.huckle@bsuh.nhs.uk

  • Matron for Digestive Diseases- Jane Kingsbury ext. 7224

  • Endoscopy Nurse Manager – Janet Bates ext. 7695

  • Endoscopy Outreach Sister Inpatients – Sharon Moss ext. 4570

  • Digestive Diseases outpatients clinics 0300 303 8360

  • Endoscopy booking team 0300 303 8517


Key staff 

  • Mr Peter Hale – Director of Digestive Diseases and 3T’s

  • Dr Mark Austin – Endoscopy Lead Clinician

  • Dr Marc Lamah - Colorectal Surgery Lead and Surgical Governance

  • Patsy Huckle – Directorate Manager

  • Sr Janet Bates – Endoscopy Nurse Manager

  • Dr Stuart Cairns – Training Lead

  • Lena King - Manager for BCSP


Consultant Gastroenterologists

  • Dr Stuart Cairns

  • Dr Alan Ireland

  • Dr Jeremy Tibble

  • Dr Neil Jackson

  • Dr Mark Austin

  • Dr Sumita Verma

  • Dr Nick Parnell

  • Dr Melissa Smith

  • Dr Susan Green


Consultant Surgeons


  • Mr Etienne Moore 

  • Mr Marc Lamah                        

  • Mr Mokthar Uheba

  • Mr Jeremy Clarke

  • Mr Phil Ridings 

Upper GI:

  • Mr Peter Hale

  • Mr Don Manifold

  • Mr Khaled Hamdan

  • Mr Goldie Khera


All the surgeons undertake Endoscopy.


Nurse Endoscopists

  • Jane Grant

  • Sara Green

IBD / Family History Nurse Specialist:

  • IBD (Post vacant)

  • Kirsteen Daly 


Information for Prospective Patients

What is a colonoscopy?

Preparing for a colonoscopy

What is a gastroscopy?

What is a flexible sigmoidocsopy?